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Hey fellow webmaster! As we all know, in the past few years, things has changed when it comes to ranking in search engines, how linking is working and how much more effort you need to do, to get some attention from search engines! We have come up with some nice solutions for you. If you find our services and listing options good for you, get in touch and let’s rock!

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About PornSitesDude

PornSitesDude website is a specific site, where our users can read an honest reviews about free sites, premium sites, any site that we think it’s worth giving to our users. Most of them are searching for free porn, some are seeking for premium porn. On the other hand, We’re not listing the best sites out there that google list on the top. We all know those sites gained tons of links in the past years and they positioned themslever there and it can be hard to rock their world. So you need to adopt and search for new ways to get on the top.

Problem we see with link list sites

Our view on the link sites that spread around the world is bad for any new webmaster out there. By targeting well ranked and brandable sites with low difficulty to rank, started way back but it prospered around 2014/15. Some of the link list owners, did a great job and are making a living that anyone would be very happy to have. But on the other side, it killed the options for small webmsters that would like to get on top. Some of new webmasters can have even better sites than the ones on top, but they can’t rank if they don’t know how SEO works and how to get listed on these link list sites. Usually it’s very hard, because as a newbie, you do not have good authority, do not have much search request for your brandable domain. So for link list sites, your site is not what they want. When you pull back a little and view out fo the box, you can see that link list are “keyword stealers” from well ranked sites. Unless you have trademarked domain and name, they can sometimes even outrank you on your brand name.

Solution we see with link list sites

Our link list sites, will definetly not link the TOP ranked sites like: pornhub, youporn, xhamster, xvideos, just because we would want to rank somewhere to steal their keyword traffic. We might list them if we somehow compensate the listing with them in some other way. Financially or some other way, like link exchange etc. We will be more targeting on smaller sites that are not ranking well yet, but they do have a promising future. So everyone who is struggling with getting traffic, getting links, find your options to get listed and you’re more than welcome to do so. Of course, we need to filter out certain sites, as some of the sites are not ok, maybe to many ads or doing some shady things. If you have sites like that, we will not accept it and will avoid of clear reasons. We still want to satisfy our users and give them the best experience and so they find an awesome new websites.

What do we offer to other webmasters for certain compensation (financial or by giving a link and send traffic)

  • get a link back (no follow or do follow)
  • you can get a review of your site and link to it
  • you have an option to list from 50-1000 subpages from your site and we will link to them (unique feature)
  • you can trade traffic with us and get a free nofollow link. The more you send, the higher you’re positioned

What are the compensation plans to get listed on our site?

You will need an invite code, to get inside our area, where we explain our compensation plans